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Up Strawberry Creek Canyon

So we’ve made it – the big transition, I mean. The Grand Experiment, Neilson’s Folly, whatever you want to call it. We’ve settled (for the time being) in Star Valley, Wyoming and so far, are loving every minute. Saturday morning I took a quick run/hike/wheeze up the only place I was really familiar with up here – a little place called Strawberry. Just east of Bedford and about 15 minutes to the southeast of us is a canyon which supplies about 9 gigawatt hours of power annually to the valley via a little hydropower setup that’s created a nice fishing hole at the start of the trail. The actual trail heads up for about 7.5 miles into the Salt River range before connecting with other trails that lead you even deeper into the Bridger-Teton wilderness. I only spent a couple hours up there and didn’t get too far, as the photographic opportunities were pretty much overwhelming, so hopefully next time I can actually get some mileage and altitude underneath me.

Photos soon. 

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