altitude slickness


Photographer Scott Starr has quite the YouTube channel going. Full of vintage skate, surf, bike, and snowboard clips, it’s by far the easiest way to kill a lunch hour I’ve found this week. It’s the vintage part that makes it fun – most of these bits would never be seen by my kids unless somebody hung on …

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Pre-Winter Malaise/Cure

It’s not even actually winter yet and I’m going nuts for all the wrong reasons. It’s just been too long since I’ve been able to get outside and put some miles or altitude to bed, so I’m just getting antsy.  It was kinda nice to find this old magazine at a local used book store …

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Mt. Oly – Stream of Consciousness Version

Day 1:

Jeff picks up Seth around 8 PM
Drive down
The Tavern
Meet up with Mark
Jeff gets friendly with the natives in the bathroom
Stash the car
Onwards to Aberdeen!
It only takes a few tries to get on the right road…
The Olympic Hotel
Night Clerk is obviously from Aberdeen
Up and showered and on to Denny’s
Actually pretty good food
Heading up the coast
Stop at Ruby Beach to check out the sea stacks
The Open Door Lady – “YOU LEFT YOUR DOOR OPEN!”
First ones in the lot pretty much
Sort out Jeff’s gear
Pizza and Brownies, yeah!

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Catching Up

So there’s a couple of trip reports to catch up on… Lots of them, actually. Photos from various trips, including my latest hike up below Mount Daniel are out on Flickr. Mark wrote up a good report over here, so that will help out in the meantime… Also – go get lost reading the lastest …

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Four Days on Mount Olympus

I keep meaning to write something up for this trip. It was really really good – the weather was perfect – we made it. See for yourself: 4 Days on Mt. Olympus from untickalock and Vimeo.

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