altitude slickness

Mt. Oly – Stream of Consciousness Version

Day 1:

Jeff picks up Seth around 8 PM
Drive down
The Tavern
Meet up with Mark
Jeff gets friendly with the natives in the bathroom
Stash the car
Onwards to Aberdeen!
It only takes a few tries to get on the right road…
The Olympic Hotel
Night Clerk is obviously from Aberdeen
Up and showered and on to Denny’s

Actually pretty good food
Heading up the coast
Stop at Ruby Beach to check out the sea stacks
The Open Door Lady – “YOU LEFT YOUR DOOR OPEN!”
First ones in the lot pretty much
Sort out Jeff’s gear
Pizza and Brownies, yeah!
Craig, Alaina and Meaghan
Meeting the crew and signing stuff
Load up the manties
Mules are cool
Pick out yer food and drinks
Saddle up and off we go
10.5 miles to Lewis Meadows
Stopping here and there to talk about things and eat Craig’s chips
Riddles – home, left, left, home – 3 switches and a lightbulb
Olympic guard station water fill up
green green green green forest – easy trail
arriving at Lewis Meadows
set up the tents
jump in the river and freshen up
salmon burritos for dinner
introductions in the tent
pretty cool group of people

where’s nathan?

clean up the food and get it up on the wire
asleep, but it’s pretty hot out and muggy…

Day 2:

Up around 7?
On our way up to Elk Lake, then to our high camp above the Blue Glacier
Light packs
trail soon starts to steepen
meaghan heads back – feeling sick
high hoh bridge
lots of slides and washouts
mountain goat
up to elk lake – hang out and eat lunch
load up the heavy packs and group gear
mark’s friend
on with the boots
stopping at the ranger yurt to water up before breaking the treeline
up the drainage to the foot of the moraine
garbage can for blue bags
change clothes – long pants, shirt, gloves, etc for the glacier
down the moraine – steep and loose
rope up below –
alaina -> mark -> seth -> jeff
across the slush
gotta ask permission to snap a pic
across the blue – get water at the foot of the rocks
up through the rocks and steep snow to the base of the snow dome
sue gets left behind with alaina
high camp
set up the tent – carve out a platform
stomp stomp stomp
craig goes and gets sue’s pack
repack for the morning – very light gear again
ramen and pudding
and then some more ramen and pudding
snow school – how to self arrest
beer grip
and off to bed – around 8?

Day 3:

up a little after 1 – dressed and ready to go
eat a hot oatmeal or two
harness on and helmet and roped up
sue stays behind
moon glow over the summit to the south
start the climb up the snow dome – same ropes as before
craig tells mark to be quiet
at the first rope step over, seth stabs himself with his right crampon
alaina does some first aid
and back to the grind – onward and upward
to the top of the snowdome
across and then hang left – angled towards the notch on the east
up and over
alaina kicks steps in the dark
up to the rocks
karl’s cramps and blue bag
across and over the rocks and up to a steep snow patch below the haystack
here comes the sunrise
craig and alaina prep the entrance to the rock
short roped
dump the crampons and axes
ramp our way up – a few slings here and there
draping the rope over horns as protection
5.6 little chimney maneuver
our rope screams up the thing – no problems.
awesome summit.
summit register is manky – i wrote on the thing itself
mark takes the summit photo
30 mins or so
4 hours from high camp + a few breaks and first aid
back down we go – down-climb the 5.6
back to our gear
kinda cool to see what we passed in the dark
lots of big crevasses
beautiful blue ice
clouds starting to come in pretty fast
pass a group and a solo guy
back around to the top of the snow dome
finally i can pee!
glissade – 4 at a time and roped up
back to camp
rest up
eat up
clean up
sort and organize
the “B” team
down to the glacier – roped up
back across to the moraine

up up up

change back to shorts and tshirt

hustle back to elk lake
painful feet
painful everything
pull the boots –
mules are waiting with shoes!
lighten the packs
powder your feet, not your balls
all the way back down to lewis meadows
wash up in the river
chicken bacon spaghetti w/garlic bread
asleep by 8
one long successful amazing day.

Day 4:

early morning rain
muffins and blueberries for breakfast
pack up and leave around 8 with light packs
mark runs it out
long walk, but nice in the rain and coolnesss
i ran the last couple miles just to stretch out
back to the car – wash up and change
hang out and wait for the mules
marks group photo
pack up and head to the hard rain cafe
big burgers
chit chat
on the road
drop off mark
drop off seth
see ya jeff


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