altitude slickness

Mount Adams Mostly

Although the end result was a sore body and only a handful of photos to share, my trip to Mt. Adams this last weekend was actually pretty fun. Friday morning I woke up around seven, only having gone to sleep a mere four hours earlier, and immediately jumped back into work. I was staring down the barrel of a pretty tight client deadline, and still had to pack, so I was moving pretty quickly to get away from the computer for the day. Noon rolled around and I was finally able to step back and start loading the pack for that afternoon’s climb.

Garlic Triscuits™? Check.

Hard salami and pepperjack cheese? Check.

Even though my best intentions were to go light and fast, I still managed to pull together around 43 pounds of stuff to schlep on my back.

Mark and Dean showed up around noon and we loaded up into the Subaru and headed over towards the Gorge.

To make a long story short: (I’ll have to come back and write this out when I get a chance)

Quick drive
Hood River pit stop
Country Store pit stop
Gravel roads
Pushing past the first bit of snow
Busting through snow patches
Still a bit farther from the actual trailhead than hoped for
Hitting the logging roads
The Napoleon Shirt
Pretty dang tired
Hitting the treeline
Through the rocks
Up the steep ridge at dusk
Finally there.
Dinner behind the rockwall
Dean and Mark go up
I stay back…
Perfect weather
Long hike down

Etc etc.

There you have it, the world’s worst trip report.

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