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History Rock

There’s really no other way to get this thing going again than to just jump in and write up the most recent outing. There’s a backlog of trips, with last summer’s climb of the Grand the most glaring omission from the site, but hopefully by just putting both feet in the water like this will help get things moving.

Amy and the kids were out of town, so I took advantage of the morning and invited a co-worker and his wife and another friend from church to head up to History Rock in Hyalite Canyon. Snow was plentiful, conditions were favorable, and even though I knew I was out of shape, the thought of getting out and into some snow was too much to pass up. We didn’t have a super early start, but it was early enough to enjoy being the third car in the parking lot. The route up was pretty straightforward with some nice steep and slick sections that made for interesting skinning, but we made it to the “summit” at the top of the third bowl in a little less than two hours. The upper glade was thigh-deep in places and it took me a few turns to get my bearings, but the short ride down in that kind of snow was totally worth the effort to get up there. Another short skin back up to the top and we headed back down, riding trail between the two remaining fields of powder. The snow got progressively less-epic the farther down we got, but at its worst it was still resort-worthy. My thighs were cramping pretty bad by the time I made it down – the ups and downs on the trail simply ate up any remaining reserves of energy I had left. It was a humbling and memorable morning, and completely worth the effort. I’ll be back.

Total distance: 7.81 km (4.9 mi)
Total time: 3:36:29
Elevation gain: 705 m (2314 ft)

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