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Dog Mountain

Staring at that date for Mount Olympus on the calendar has been a pretty good motivator lately to get outside and start moving. This morning I got up pretty early for something I haven’t done in a long long time – a good old-fashioned dawn patrol ascent. The target was the Columbia Gorge’s Dog Mountain, …

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Frozen Franklin Falls

Dean and I weren’t feeling too ambitious. It had just been too long since we’d been outside, and with only a limited amount of time, and in-shape-ness, we decided to play it easy and head back to Franklin Falls for an easy winter camping shakedown. Quick load-up of the snowshoes and packs and we headed …

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The Great Gold Creek Expedition

With the long Thanksgiving weekend bringing us up to the Seattle area, I’d brought along my pack and gear for some kind of outing. Luckily Mark was able to make it out on Saturday and we decided to go snowshoeing up at the Pass. I’d just bought a couple pairs of snowshoes on sale at …

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Latourell Falls in 20 seconds

early morning late season dark foggy lost wrong turn backtrack discover trails waterfalls find trailhead head out quick hike nice trail good view high point lots of pictures back around easy day a good saturday morning.

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Rattlesnake Ledge, Once More

Dean and I went up early last Saturday morning, starting from the parking lot just a little before sunrise. Time was short for both of us, but by taking one of our shortcuts up the hill we managed to spend a few minutes up top enjoying the view… Lots of birds out, but oddly enough, …

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