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Back in the Saddle

So to speak. With such a large gap since I last wrote up anything, I can only get this rolling again by not procrastinating and just pushing out what I did last night, which was a fairly quick (1 hour) stroll up to the big white M on the side of the Bridger foothills here …

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The Backyardigan

There’s nothing quite like a looming Big Trip staring at you from the calendar to inspire a Little Trip outside to get some miles and elevation under you… A couple weeks ago the weather was just perfect for a quick leg stretcher up one of the hills just behind the house. I didn’t have any …

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Twelve Hours in the Tetons

So I’ve resolved to quit doing this half-baked trip report stuff. The stream-of-consciousness lists of memories don’t really do justice to the experience for anyone who reads it, other than myself. It’s embarrassing to be so lazy about something I feel so passionate about, so there you go – no more laundry-list trip reports. That …

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Up Strawberry Creek Canyon

So we’ve made it – the big transition, I mean. The Grand Experiment, Neilson’s Folly, whatever you want to call it. We’ve settled (for the time being) in Star Valley, Wyoming and so far, are loving every minute. Saturday morning I took a quick run/hike/wheeze up the only place I was really familiar with up …

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Mt. Oly – Stream of Consciousness Version

Day 1:

Jeff picks up Seth around 8 PM
Drive down
The Tavern
Meet up with Mark
Jeff gets friendly with the natives in the bathroom
Stash the car
Onwards to Aberdeen!
It only takes a few tries to get on the right road…
The Olympic Hotel
Night Clerk is obviously from Aberdeen
Up and showered and on to Denny’s
Actually pretty good food
Heading up the coast
Stop at Ruby Beach to check out the sea stacks
The Open Door Lady – “YOU LEFT YOUR DOOR OPEN!”
First ones in the lot pretty much
Sort out Jeff’s gear
Pizza and Brownies, yeah!

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