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Revenue Flats Weekend

A warm summer weekend, the family and just enough climbing to keep me humble – and hungry for more. Revenue Flats is a nice little climbing area about an hour west of Bozeman, and on this particular weekend, was oddly empty. The detritus of past visitors was readily apparent in the form of spent rifle …

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In an effort to kickstart this blog back into action, I present a quick vignette of a recent climbing trip to Washington’s Ozone area. A relatively new cragging destination, it’s a great mix of trad and sport routes with a super short approach and only 30 minutes from my door. I’ve hit it twice in …

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Mt. Oly – Stream of Consciousness Version

Day 1:

Jeff picks up Seth around 8 PM
Drive down
The Tavern
Meet up with Mark
Jeff gets friendly with the natives in the bathroom
Stash the car
Onwards to Aberdeen!
It only takes a few tries to get on the right road…
The Olympic Hotel
Night Clerk is obviously from Aberdeen
Up and showered and on to Denny’s
Actually pretty good food
Heading up the coast
Stop at Ruby Beach to check out the sea stacks
The Open Door Lady – “YOU LEFT YOUR DOOR OPEN!”
First ones in the lot pretty much
Sort out Jeff’s gear
Pizza and Brownies, yeah!

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Four Days on Mount Olympus

I keep meaning to write something up for this trip. It was really really good – the weather was perfect – we made it. See for yourself: 4 Days on Mt. Olympus from untickalock and Vimeo.

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Mount Adams Mostly

Although the end result was a sore body and only a handful of photos to share, my trip to Mt. Adams this last weekend was actually pretty fun. Friday morning I woke up around seven, only having gone to sleep a mere four hours earlier, and immediately jumped back into work. I was staring down …

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