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Sacagawea Saturday

Sacagawea Saturday by HONEST LINES on Exposure

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Revenue Flats Weekend

A warm summer weekend, the family and just enough climbing to keep me humble – and hungry for more. Revenue Flats is a nice little climbing area about an hour west of Bozeman, and on this particular weekend, was oddly empty. The detritus of past visitors was readily apparent in the form of spent rifle …

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History Rock

There’s really no other way to get this thing going again than to just jump in and write up the most recent outing. There’s a backlog of trips, with last summer’s climb of the Grand the most glaring omission from the site, but hopefully by just putting both feet in the water like this will …

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Worth Pondering

“What is the impact of the closing down of the Wilderness on the development of children’s imaginations? This is what I worry about the most. I grew up with a freedom, a liberty that now seems breathtaking and almost impossible. Recently, my younger daughter, after the usual struggle and exhilaration, learned to ride her bicycle. …

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Back in the Saddle

So to speak. With such a large gap since I last wrote up anything, I can only get this rolling again by not procrastinating and just pushing out what I did last night, which was a fairly quick (1 hour) stroll up to the big white M on the side of the Bridger foothills here …

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